ProliF is one very interesting character. He is a teenaged genius whose intellect causes much of the galaxy to regard him as a god. Before he got to Earth he was known for being a self-absorbed intergalactic @sshole drunk off of his own ability to save or destroy planets and even galaxies. Now he is a somewhat different person that has decided to help Louis Proof in the Celestial Wars. (Trust me when I tell you that there is a whole epic story about how that came to be.) In fact, he and his sister Glitch, who make up The Magnificent ProliFnGlitcH, serve as Louis Proof’s Qs (James Bond) making sure that all that Louis needs to fight the eNoli and travel across the globe and possibly the galaxy can be handled in a blink.

ProliF makes his first appearance in the Marvelous World book series in Marvelous World Book One: The Marvelous Effect. He and his sister have their own book series coming soon. The first book is halfway completed. ProliF’s color treatment and more info coming soon…

Artwork was done by the amazing Len-Yan.