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Marvelous World Book 1: The Marvelous Effect  is a book that teachers should really consider using in their classrooms, especially when it is full of reluctant readers, for the following reasons:

1. The Marvelous Effect is Common Core State Standard Initiative (CCSSI) compliant for grades 6th -8th.
The Marvelous Effect CCSSI ELA Grades 6th – 8th

2. The Marvelous Effect is Common Core State Standard Initiative (CCSSI) compliant for grades 9th -12th.
The Marvelous Effect CCSSI ELA Grades 9th- 12th

3. The Marvelous Effect is a tool that can be used to raise critical thinking skills and standardized test scores when coupled with Marvelous World University (MWU).

4. The Marvelous Effect  “reads like a video game” according to Kirkus reviews.

5. The Marvelous Effect is a way to spark great classroom discussions due the philosophy of Kant, Hume, Berkeley, and Rousseau being woven into the book in an unexpected and fun way.

Watch the video to learn how the philosophy of Immanuel Kant is a big part of the Marvelous World.

6. The Marvelous Effect is a great way to teach students many literary terms such as: Imagery, Assonance, Aliteration, Paradox, Flashback, Symbolism, Irony, Protagonist, Antagonist, Turning Point, Onomatopoeia, Setting, Plot, Character, Hero, Super Hero, Villain, Super Villain, Anti-Hero,  Analogy, Simlie, Allegory, Anti-Climax, Climax, Anaphora, Archetype, Dissonance,  Conflict, Emblem, Foil, Hyperbole, In Mid Res, Internal Rhyme, Rhyme, Stream of Consciousness, Tension, Tone, Utopia, Dystopia, Voice, Wit  and others.

Watch the video to see how Imagery is explained.

7. The Marvelous Effect is available as an audio book from Random House Listening Library so struggling readers can follow along with the audio as they read.

8. Available Soon! The free downloadable workbook for students that contains vocabulary words, crossword puzzles, and critical thinking questions. After a student completes this workbook they will have fulfilled all CCSSI requirements for grades 6th-12th.

9. The Marvelous Effect has garnered enough respect as an educational tool that Troy CLE has spoken at The Harvard Graduate School of Education, UCLA, Colorado College, New York Public Library,  and many other well known institutions about its positive effects on students.

If you would like to order copies of The Marvelous Effect for your school please call Simon & Schuster directly @ 800 284 0735 or call directly from Norma Lippincott of Simon and Schuster sales Phone: 856-824-2014.