What is Horribly Marvelous?

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Books, Horribly Marvelous | 1 comment

Yes, after a four-year hiatus “Marvelous World” is officially back via “Horribly Marvelous.” This should be no surprise to my readers who have been following me online for years because I’ve mentioned “Horribly Marvelous: The Diary of Cyndi Victoria Chase ” countless times. Well, it will be released on November 29, 2016! If you are new to “Marvelous World” this is the perfect way to get introduced to the series.

In short,  “Horribly Marvelous: The Diary of Cyndi Victoria Chase” is the insanely DOPE transdimensional, intergalactic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy experience that you will find to be essential to your life. This novel, of course, centers on Cyndi Victoria Chase. Cyndi is much more complex than she was in previous Marvelous World books. She commands  both a power and darkness that many may not expect. However, she’s NOT a villain nor is she mean spirited. It is tremendous fun writing her character and she’s someone I think everyone will love.

However, this book is not “Marvelous World 3” as I said it might be. Instead, “Horribly Marvelous” is its own “Marvelous World” series and actually the first book in the official “Marvelous World” reboot. The storyline, although it is not much different, will be consistent with the one to be found in the re-release of Marvelous World Books One and Two and what will be the basis of future films and TV shows.

That is all I have to say for now, but you can expect consistent posts from me as time progresses. I’m back for good.

Pre-Order Horribly Marvelous

Pre-Order Horribly Marvelous