On March 10th I made my second trip to speak at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for Professor Fernando Reimers’ Masters Class. It was an amazing experience to tell such a high ranking class about my journey as both an author and educator. My key speaking points were how I landed my book deal, Marvelous World University, and Marvelous World FAVORITES Day. The class seemed to be really engaged while I spoke and I was forwarded a comment from a student saying “it was the best class ever.” That’s pretty cool.

One of the reasons why Marvelous World is so appropriate to be spoken about at Harvard, especially at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is because “Marvelous World Book One: The Marvelous Effect” fulfills the Common Core State Standard Initiative requirements for grades 6th – 12th. Books introduced into the curriculum in 48 states are supposed to do that. ┬áThat is one of the reasons why teachers are all up in arms about the CCSSI being the reason why their favorite books are being taken out of their classrooms. Read about the educational aspects of “Marvelous World Book One: The Marvelous Effect” here.

One thing I also want to note about my trip to Harvard is that it reminds me that when a door is closed in my face a much better pathway will open up. I say that because I am not immune to rejection. Some middle schools and high schools do NOT want me to speak to their students for whatever reason. That is fine because I am good enough to speak at the greatest educational institution in the world. The lesson is to never get discouraged! Real people will recognize that which is of worth. You just may have to work to get to them.

Troy CLE 5

L-R Professor Fernando Reimers, Troy CLE, Steve Marrioti, Vanessa Beary, Jennifer Green, Don’t know her name, Rodney Walker.

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