Midlandia is the place of the impossible and composed of pure energy.  Aside from Earth, it is the central location of the Young Adult Fantasy series Marvelous World by Troy CLE.

The Arcayleon Drifts of Midlandia look quite like this. They are a gloriously beautiful location said to only be found when a Celestial Entity (CE)  has made a significant life altering discovery.  Energy flows under the snow and unbreakable ice that is greatly akin to what is found within the Midland Isle.

The Arcayleon Drifts are where Lord Myth first took refuge after learning a sacred truth by touching Olivion’s Gate. After his departure from the drifts he began an entirely new life as a renewed eNoli. Some say that the Olivion charged him with an ultra secret duty that would ultimately involve Louis Proof, Cyndi Victoria Chase, and all FAVORITES. He  would not be found until…


(photo by Baumgarten)