After all of this time I have a sketch of Galonious (ga LON ee us) Imperial done by the wonderful Len-Yan.  I have to say that I always loved this character because in my mind he spoke the truth. How many of us really live up to our potential? How many of us fail to do so because of fear of failure or even just sheer laziness? I know I have been shook and lazy at times. Galonious represents a side of us all that just wants to do what the hell we want and be all we can be. Wether you listen to him is a matter of personal discretion.  Galonious is a man of no fear and he encourages everyone in  Marvelous World Book One: The Marvelous Effect to be all they can be no matter if they have good or bad desires. Of course, I do not think we should be bad but other than that I have a very hard time arguing with him.

In this age of the anti-hero he is supposed to make people question what actually makes a villain and if Galonious should really be called one  even if he proclaims himself as “evil.”

Full color and more exclusive insights into this character will be coming soon…

Galonious appears in: