Prologue: Perilynn’s Ambition



[Synopsis] Prologue: Perilynn’s Ambition (Marvelous World Favorites Day Novella Three)

FAVORITE: one of the most powerful beings known to exist. FAVORITES are chosen by the omnipotent Olivion and granted nearly unlimited abilities, allowing them to bend reality as they see fit. FAVORITES are the only individuals who are bestowed the honor of owning an Alonis Medallion.

It is moments before the Exodus Battle and if you are an eNoli this should be a joyous occasion. That is simply not the case for Perilynn, who is the brother of Lord Arminion- ruler of all eNoli. Perilynn cares nothing about leaving Midlandia. In fact, he wants nothing more than to stay behind and become a FAVORITE in hopes that he may understand the elegant madness of Midlandia. The honor, privilege, and power of being a FAVORITE can only be bestowed upon him by the Olivion. It just so happens that the Olivion may be considering granting him that honor due to the impending arrival of Louis Proof, Cyndi Victoria Chase, and Devon Alexander to Midlandia. But first Perilynn must face his past and some of Midlandia’s ultimate challenges just to reach the mysterious Infintium Castle. He believes he is being called there by the Olivion to find out what debt must be paid to have his desire fulfilled. What will be required of him may be so impossible that his immeasurable ambition might be the only thing that will get him through it.

This novella begins before Marvelous World Book 1: The Marvelous Effect and can be read independently of the Marvelous World series published by Simon and Schuster and Random House Listening Library.

[Excerpt] Chapter One

“…when the children arrive you must destroy them. They are the only obstacles in the way of the eNoli claiming a free future and, therefore, cannot remain.”

“Arminion, many others have been charged with that duty. They are far more capable than I. Plus you know I refuse to unsheathe my swords…”

“I know, but you are my brother and the only one that I trust. Don’t you know that? You have never once betrayed or crossed me. While most other eNoli desire to do the forbidden and escape Midlandia you only seek the elusive answers that would demystify this cursed place. I promise that if you destroy the children you will learn all you have dreamed about,” Arminion said to Perilynn.

“How can you be so certain after all of this time?” Perilynn questioned his brother.

“Do not begin to question me now,” Arminion said sternly to his brother clutching his chest as if sending a secret signal of assurance. Perilynn was pacified and the doubt in his stunning blue grey eyes largely, but not totally faded away.

They, along with Galonious and Trife, were traveling in a behemoth-sized battle cruiser framed high within a midnight blue Midlandian sky that seemed to sparkle like crystal. The dark purple cruiser, adorned with silver highlights, was majestic. There were three just like it and each was on an expedition to find a fortress that was believed to house a portal to the Midland Isle. Passage via the Midland Isle is the only way to exit or enter Midlandia and the locations of these elusive portals are impossible to predict. But Arminion challenged that belief; he somehow gave the eNoli the exact time and location of where one would appear.

“I can’t believe it! This fortress is there just as you said it would be,” Galonious said surprised, looking far off in the distance.  It was a sturdy but elegantly constructed marvel with sleek lines and fortified walls that were surrounded by a glimmering energy barrier.

“All of the planning we have done and you had no faith? You are lucky I do not strike you down where you stand,” Arminion said.

“Lord Arminion, that is not what he meant. He was just saying that we all know the infinitely unpredictable ways of Midlandia. We never expected it to be so easy to find this fortress if a passage to the Midland Isle is indeed within it. You know all that had to be done to find Olivion’s Gate during the War of Myth. This type of luck is unprecedented even for a FAVORITE,” Trife tried to clarify.

“Luck? If a passage is indeed on the other side? You doubt there will be one? You think I rested the most important day in all of Midlandia upon a hunch or a whim?” Arminion said as he turned to his brother.

“Do you see what surrounds me now? The faithless. The doubtful. And these are two of my biggest supporters. Wretched eNoli. Perilynn, that is why I am looking to you. Do NOT let me down. I know you better than you know yourself. You are eNoli with a latent warrior’s heart. I remember it- from when we were younger. Trust me it will awaken,” Arminion said with a chilling grin.

“We have brought legions of soldiers and yet there are no iLone here to challenge our escape,” Galonious said.

“Wrong! Can’t you feel them? They are outnumbered but they are already near. Send up the signal and have the eNoli rush the ground under Reign’s command. We leave for the fortress now!” Arminion said.

“Of course” Trife replied and then pressed a button to release a signal. Reign, who was on another of the four massive cruisers, saw it knew exactly what to do.

“Promise me Perilynn. Promise!” Arminion said as he grabbed his brother’s forearm. He and Perilynn’s arms became glowing blue and red energy below the elbow. Arminion was able to look deep within his brother’s being and their eyes became focused on each other.

“You will not betray me. You will destroy the children. Promise me or perish. PROMISE. SWEAR IT!” Arminion said with words that were not loud but flawlessly succinct as a tempered blade that could slice through stone as if it were a single sheet of paper. Perilynn took pause to the severity of the request and the resolve of his brother.

“…I promise,” Perilynn said reluctantly, but knowing it was a promise he better not break.
“Well, then everything is in order,” Arminion said releasing his brother’s arm.

It was done.

Arminion, Trife, and Galonious leapt from the battle cruiser without a care that it was far above the ground. They sliced through the sky, flying towards the fortress while it was still far off in the distance. Many other eNoli also deployed from their air ships to lend support in the raid of the fortress. Perilynn was left behind while hordes of eNoli poured in on the ground to meet the iLone that Arminion was sure were going to appear.