Prologue: Exodus Battle

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[Synopsis] Prologue: Exodus Battle (Marvelous World Favorites Day Novella One)

Journey to Midlandia, a place composed of pure energy. Here, at the center of all things known and unknown, you will find a powerful race of near perfect beings, known as the eNoli. Locked in an epic battle, the eNoli bring destruction to their homeland by attempting the forbidden—escaping to Earth. This tale sets the entire Marvelous World Saga into motion, making it possible for Louis Proof’s world to become so Marvelous and Cyndi Victoria Chase to become so Horribly Marvelous. Get Ready!

This novella begins before Marvelous World Book 1: The Marvelous Effect and can be read independently of the Marvelous World series published by Simon and Schuster and Random House Listening Library.

[Excerpt] Chapter One

Massive purple, silver, and black eNoli battle cruisers began to drift in on the horizon. On the ground were towering armored beasts that shook the surface with each step they took. Both the beasts and the cruisers were under the command of the eNoli. Vivionya and Timi traveled swiftly to take their places among the ranks of the opposing iLone soldiers. The iLone spread across the landscape to face the eNoli who were trying to break the defenses of the fortress. The iLone were greatly outnumbered and not fairing well in what was to be an epic and vicious battle.

There had been odd chatter that Arminion, the leader of the eNoli, was organizing an attempt to break the Alorion Treaty. The treaty’s formation was a major milestone in Midlandian history; it expressly forbids CE (both iLone and eNoli) from exiting Midlandia. The consequences of CE leaving are supposed to be catastrophic–worlds ending, new ones popping up…stuff like that. Regardless of the consequences, the only way to exit Midlandia was through the Midland Isle. Not only was the Midland Isle a gateway to all places and times, it housed the very energy used to create all existence. So protection and possession of it were of utmost importance.

“Let’s drop down in the middle of the action!” Timi shouted as Vivionya sped up to join the escalating conflict.

The Alonis Vehicle instantly became battle-ready with energy cannons and twin guns emerging from its frame. “Hold on!” Vivionya said as they approached a horde of eNoli soldiers. They quickly targeted her with fiery, orange-red shots that singed the air.  She swiftly avoided their flaming blasts with barrel rolls, sharp turns, and dips in altitude that left streaks of light behind her.  Her cannons quickly charged up then sent out blasts that violently vaporized all eNoli that had the unlucky fortune of being within their reach.