The Young Armada: Sacred Destination



[Synopsis] Prologue: The Young Armada: Sacred Destination (Marvelous World Favorites Day Novella Two)

FAVORITE: one of the most powerful beings known to exist. FAVORITES are chosen by the omnipotent Olivion and granted nearly unlimited abilities, allowing them to bend reality as they see fit. FAVORITES are the only individuals who are bestowed the honor of owning an Alonis Medallion.

The Young Armada is a powerful squad composed of seven newly-anointed FAVORITES. Individually, they were hand-picked by the Olivion and are unmatched on the battlefield, but they are still young and experiencing the growing pains of becoming a true team. Newly charged with the duty of finding Louis Proof, Cyndi Victoria Chase, and Devon Alexander, they must reach the teens before their enemies, the eNoli, can destroy them. But, it just so happens that Midlandia has another task in mind for the group.

Instead, the team finds themselves on a detour leading them on a wild adventure. They must confront their most dangerous enemy in order to find the elusive CARDAN, who may prove to be the ultimate FAVORITE. The biggest secrets imaginable can be found on Midlandia but CARDAN’S may trump them all. He is something Midlandia has never seen before and is somehow tied to the future of each and every one of us.

This novella begins before Marvelous World Book 1: The Marvelous Effect and can be read independently of the Marvelous World series published by Simon and Schuster and Random House Listening Library.


Seven glowing spears of red and silver light tore through the midnight blue sky, heading straight for a rocky gray cliff, hundreds of feet above the ground. The vibrant light exploded upon impact, sending sparks flying everywhere, then took on the shapes of seven well-dressed and battle-ready teenagers. They each wore uniquely colored Alonis Medallions that shimmered and hung loosely around their necks.








They were FAVORITES.

They were The Young Armada.

They were…

 “…Late!” Shyft said as they gazed upon a massive battle far off in the distance. A grandiose ivory fortress protected by a glimmering barrier of pulsating blue light was under attack. The sight was horrifically beautiful as sure as they were seven. Quick motions then sabers clashing, radiant shots seeking targets on the battlefield; the seven silently shuddered as they watched their comrades slowly getting ripped apart.

“It looks as though they’ve broken the barrier and have entered the fortress…they’ve found the pathway allowing them to escape Midlandia. I can see the exit’s light…beautiful. They are so close to escaping . . . ,” Always said in a trancelike state, her blond hair blowing in the wind. The Favorites were shaken as they heard these words, knowing that when Always spoke like that she was always right.

“Who are they?” Stance asked.

“Three eNoli. The leader, Arminion, along with Trife and Galonious,” Always said.

“How close are they? Are they actually going to do it?” Carbon asked with a look of agonized shock on his face.

Always paused.

“I can’t tell. I’m just not tapped in anymore. I’m so sorry,” Always said as the visions being sent directly into her mind’s eye dissipated. She concentrated to bring them back. FAIL. I’m of no real help, she thought, feeling annoyed and worthless.

“It’s okay. What you’ve told us is more than enough,” Carbon said with a comforting smile, trying to quell her obvious frustration.

“Arminion of all people is breaking the treaty. That’s so ironic, but if not him, who else could do it?” Shyft said, referencing one of the most significant periods of Midlandian history.

“What about Perilynn? Did you see him?” Stance asked.

“No, I caught no glimpse of him,” Always answered.

“Look!” Carbon shouted, drawing attention to Kiyonrae, another iLone FAVORITE far off in the distance. Chasing after the eNoli who had already entered, Kiyonrae lead a small group of iLone warriors beyond the barrier and into the fortress. Other iLone were battling frantically to keep more eNoli from entering. They were not always successful. One. Two. Three. Four. Five had slipped past the ranks.

“We are so late. Do we have any chance to stop what’s happening?” Stance asked.

“Always! Don’t answer!” Carbon said, not wanting to know what their fate was if, by chance, that was something she could see.

Fine. No more answers.

“Right! Like there’s an answer that’ll stop our onslaught,” Ariel said, looking as alluring as the war was horrific. An eternal fire burned inside of her orange-red Alonis medallion. They were both ready to join the battle.

Always’ blue-gray eyes began to focus on the battle as she finally gave up on rekindling any visions. She, like Ariel, was prepared to chase whatever fate lay ahead; serenely, she clutched her Alonis Medallion as it hummed and glowed a heated blue.

 “The best way to handle this is—,” Carbon started. But he was cut short by the heightened screams of their comrades mingling with an explosive crescendo heard even at this distance. Ariel leapt from the edge of the cliff. Fear was not part of her DNA and she plummeted through the sky.

“Ariel!” shouted Carbon in frustration.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” said Stance, inspired by Ariel’s conviction to help.

Ariel had forced their hands so the remaining six leapt from the cliff. As they tore through the air, the wind blew through their clothing suddenly changing into red, silver and white battle fatigues. Each one of them swung their Alonis Medallions around their necks one full turn. The motion caused a light to appear at each of their backs. Soon glowing rectangles emerged from each beam of light. The humming and illuminated rectangles swarmed around their bodies and began to morph into the various parts of sleek red, white, and silver mini– fighter airships, each about the size of a large car. The equal parts of light and metal assembled around each of them. The exhausts of the ships burned radiant colors and propelled them toward the battle.

“Ariel! You are not alone in this, but the way you blow off leadership is so disrespectful!” Carbon bellowed, his words being transmitted into Ariel’s cockpit.

“The light and the pathway Always spoke about have to be the Midland Isle. If the eNoli escape it’s the end of the Alorion Treaty, and iLone are falling. What else needs to be said?”  Ariel shouted back while getting closer and closer to the battle.

“We should have strategized! We can’t mess this up. It’s too important,” Carbon said, knowing that telling Ariel that might as well have been an ode to silence.

The situation?


The chances?

Practically nonexistent.

Still, that was no reason not to fly with style…